• Sonja

Sugary Facts

Did you know that honey, agave nectar and marple/corn syrup have the same effect on your body than refined or brown sugar?

Neither refined sugar nor nectar nor syrup nor honey is a whole plant. There is no fiber in them and they contain only a few proteins, vitamins and minerals if any. That's why they have a little to no nutrition. They are all empty calories whether light, brown, raw or turbinado that let your weight gain, spike your blood sugar and may lead to diabetes, cancer and other illnesses. A healthy way to sweeten your cereals, cakes, sweets, smoothies or non-dairy milkshakes are dates in any form - as a whole fruit or as sugar. Dates are packed with vitamins, minerals and protein. They also give you energy and consists of fiber which contains of substances such as cellulose, lignin, and pectin. Therefore, fiber good for a healthy digestion. In comparison to honey & Co., you consume necessary nutritional compounds with dates to get or maintain a healthy lifestyle. So, why not try it next time you bake a cake or muffin?

Sonja from SOS Free