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Have You Ever Wondered How To Reduce Oil While Cooking?

There are several ways to avoid oil. One way is to adjust your recipe and bake the dish you are preparing in the oven. Even better is when your oven has a grill function as you are able to use it for more dishes than without.

Or you can use a non-stick pot or pan, a high-quality heavy-bottom stainless steel pan or ceramic titanium pan. It's easy to cook with such pots and pans as the food does not stick to them.

Another way to avoid oil is to use water or broth. Put a cup filled with water/broth beside the stove and add it into the pan as often as needed. Start with just a few tablespoons of water or broth and add more if necessary. Remember to stir the food regularly so that it does not burn. You will find out quickly the right amount to use. .

You could also steam vegetables for just a few minutes, sauté them or roast them in the oven. This method does not take long and makes your vegetables taste even fresher than stir-frying them.

Have you ever tried these cooking methods yourself? What method do you use to avoid oil while cooking?

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